About AnalyticGear

Liz Kurens Owner/Software Developer

Our story

AnalyticGear is a small software engineering business.  Our focus is on web technologies.  Specifically, website design, implementation, web site security and maintenance.  Our goal is to help business owners bring their business presence to the internet.  We have years of experience in various disciplines including medical technology, finance, and manufacturing.  Our team brings the knowledge and skills that we acquired in those years of software development to building websites for small businesses, membership sites, and online stores.  We know many aspects of software development and we have extensive experience in various platforms and coding languages.  Our software team is familiar with more traditional operating systems and coding languages as well as web-related languages and environments.  Our web developers design traditional websites as well as content management systems such as WordPress.  We have skills and creativity that will produce beautiful and functional websites.  The AnalyticGear team provides you with all the tools you need to bring your business online and begin to build your customer base.

Our web development team will work with you to establish a defined and focused set of business goals.  We help you discover your core business values and to create a mission statement.  Knowing and understanding your focus and goals are key first steps to designing your website.  When your focus and goals are well defined, your message will be clear and easy to understand.  When a potential customer lands on your website, you have minutes or even seconds to state your product and services and capture and retain their interest.  A website needs to have a clearly defined message about what you do and who you are.  A clear and interesting message will attract customers and keep them interested. 

A clear and concise message utilizes website content, keywords, web page formatting, photos, and search engine optimization (SEO).  Combined, these tools will give you the ability to reach a maximum target audience.  Knowledge of how these tools work together is important in website development.  Our web developers are experienced and skilled at combining all the available tools to convey the best and most concise information regarding your products and services.  Most people go online to search for products and services.  The message describing your skills, services, and products must be clear.  A clear and concise message will reach a greater target audience. 

Another aspect to online websites is the possibility of maintaining a database that captures customer and sales activity.  Database design and analysis are tools you can add to your business that will enhance business performance.  Your business may benefit from using a system that captures workflow, customer, and sales data.  This data can provide valuable insights about customer behavior and trends in sales.  Trends in sales and customer behavior can be helpful when making sound business decisions. 

A website is usually the first thing potential customers see.  It is your first and best opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression.  Every business is unique.  Every business owner has a unique vision.  It will be your uniqueness that will speak to your target audience.  We work with you to get your message to your future customers.  In this age of sameness, it will be your individuality and uniqueness that will influence customers to find out more about you and your products and services.