Website Design

Reasons Why a Professionally Designed Website is a Good Business Strategy

As a small business-owner you might think you can’t afford a professional website or have the time to get one up and running.  In reality, it is one of the best investments you can put into your business.  You can’t afford to NOT have a presence on the web.  The cost of designing and maintaining a website can vary depending on your type of business.  A website will require more cost and time in the beginning stages of development.  However, once your website is up and running it is worth the initial cost and effort.  Your website will pay for itself with increased customers and sales.  There are several compelling reasons why a website is a good business strategy.

People expect you to have one.  More and more people begin their search for products and services online.  Studies show that 85% of consumers will go online when shopping for products, looking for services or to find a restaurant.  If you are not online, you risk losing potential customers to competitors who have a website.  An online presence lends credibility to your business.  A website conveys to existing and potential customers that you are an established business and that you have skills and products that you stand behind.  Your website is often your first contact with prospective customers.  It provides you with the opportunity to make a positive and long lasting first impression.

You can showcase your products, skills, and services.  Your website is a place where you can showcase what you sell or services that you provide.  You can use images, videos, content, and articles to talk about what you sell and what you do.  A website is your store front and you can display your products to great advantage.  A website can perform as an online store or catalog.  An online presence is flexible and it is easy and cost effective to update your product list with new items or changes to products or services.  You can use beautiful images to display your products or talk about your services.  You can provide short video tutorials and downloadable PDF instructions.  The possibilities are limitless when it comes to showcasing your business online.

A website can save you time and money.  You can post a list of FAQs that answer the most commonly asked questions about your products and services.  Tools such as online scheduling programs, order forms, and contact forms can be utilized to allow customers to schedule appointments or make purchases or contact you even when you are not present.  Your business is never closed.  You will be able to use your website to gather names and email addresses to use for email marketing lists.  A website is a powerful marketing tool that can be utilized to build your customer base and reach a maximum target audience with your message.

A professional website can do a lot for you.  It enhances your business by lending additional credibility.  You have the flexibility to showcase your products and skills in many creative ways.  You will save time and money by providing your customers a means for contacting you even when you are away from your phone or email.  Most importantly, a website puts you online where your potential customer can find you.

We work with you to create a professional design that captures your unique personality and business model.   Your website is usually your first contact with a potential customer.  You can use that opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression.  You will be able to communicate your passion and dedication on the pages of your website.